2022 Recital: Rock and Roll



2022 Recital Information

Recital Week:

  • Sunday, May 22rd through Tuesday, May 24th younger dancers

  • Wednesday, May 25th through Friday, May 27th older dancers.

  • At the Titusville High School

  • Recital dances will be filmed professionally.

  • Hair should be up in tight bun or French braids pulled up off your neck.  No unsecured long bangs.  If you have short hair, be sure your bangs are pulled away from your face.

  •  Makeup is preferred; blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and mascara.

  • Wear your recital costumes and correct tights to the High School. Come in your first costume.

  • If your costume has a hat, be sure to bring it or have it already secured to your head.

  • Bring any other accessories.

  • Bring your dance shoes.  

  • If you’re in more than one class that evening, bring those costumes with you.  There will be changing areas set up, and the teachers and helpers will help students change costumes.

  • Label all costumes, tights, shoes, and accessories. 

  • Bring things to occupy yourself during down time. 

  • Students must check in and out each night. 

  • Info on Parent helpers will be sent out in April. 

  • Please clean up after yourself. 

  • Recital Ticket sales May 7&9

  • Pictures April 28-May 1


Recital Helper Job List