2020 Recital: Dancing Across the USA


2020 Recital will be virtual

Live Stream will be Sept 12th at 6:00 pm

To pick up costumes and purchase the link to the recital, visit the studio July 11th 9-11 am or 13th 2:30-4:30. The link is $35 per family. 

To see an example of a virtual recital visit infernorecitals.com 

Uriah Sampson will still take pictures via appointment if you are interested. Here is a link to his photo form:

Recital Week Email:

Red, White and Blue Week:

  • Saturday, August 15th through Thursday, August 20th, during your regular class times.

  • At the studio

  • Opening and Finales for the recital will be filmed.

  • Hair should be up as you would wear it properly for dance class.

  • Wear dance appropriate clothing, preferably, red, white or blue.

  • If you purchased a recital t-shirt you may wear that over your dance clothing.

Recital Week:

  • Saturday, August 22nd through Thursday, August 27th, during your regular classtimes.

  • At the studio

  • Your recital dances will be filmed.

  • Hair should be up in tight bun or French braids pulled up off your neck.  No unsecured long bangs.  If you have short hair, be sure your bangs are pulled away from your face.

  • You may wear makeup; blush, eye shadow and mascara.

  • Wear your recital costumes and correct tights to the studio.

  • If your costume has a hat be sure to bring it or have it already secured to your head.

  • Bring any other accessories such as shoe covers.

  • Bring your dance shoes.  

  • If you’re in more than one class that evening, bring those costumes with you.  There’ll be changing areas set up, and the teachers and helpers will help students change costumes.


  • Advanced Ballet 3 - Thursday, August 6th at 8:15 PM

  • Senior Solos - Sunday, August 9th scheduled with Becky

  • Tap 10 - Sunday, August 9th at 6:30 PM

  • Tap 10 and seniors Opening and Finale Clips - Sunday, August 9th at 7:00 PM

  • Advanced Lyrical B - Sunday, August 9th at 7:30 PM

  • Tap 2B (Saturday class) – Monday, August 24th 6:00 PM

  • Dance Fusion 2B (Saturday class) – Monday, August 24th 6:30 PM

The space for the filming will be surrounded with green screen and all the rooms are going to be very busy.  Just as during our class times, only dancers and staff will be in the studio.  Creative Movement parents may wait in the waiting room. 

We’re excited about the virtual recital and believe it’s going to be a wonderful experience for the dancers and a great show.  



Recital 1 (younger dancers):

  • Monday 

    • 4:45:  Be in your dressing room, in costume including hair and make-up. 

      • If you have two costumes, arrive in your ballet costume.  Except Tap 2A and Tap 2B should arrive in your tap costume.

      • Dressing room assignments will be posted in the lobby of the auditorium.

      • Beginning at 4:45, the dancers will be taken by class to the stage to see where they will stand for their dance.

    • 4:30 to 5:30:  Recital Picture pick-up for Recital #1 dancers in hallway outside auditorium lobby

    • 5:30:  The auditorium doors open for audience seating.

    • 6:00:  Performance begins

  • Tuesday 

    • 5:30:  Be in your dressing room, in costume including hair and make-up. 

      • The auditorium doors open for audience seating.

      • Keepsake Video Productions will be taking orders for DVD's of the performance in the auditorium lobby.



Please no flash photography during the performances; and because we offer a professional video, we ask that no video recording of any kind be taken.

    • 6:00   Performance begins


Recital 2 (older dancers)

  • Wednesday 4:15:  Be in your first costume and in the auditorium for dress rehearsal.

A detailed email regarding dress rehearsal will be sent on Monday.

  • Thursday  

    • 6:30:    Be in costume and in assigned dressing rooms.

      •  Auditorium doors open for audience seating.

      • Keepsake Video Productions will be taking orders for DVD's of the perfomance in the auditorium lobby.


Please no flash photography during the performances; and because we offer a professional video, we ask that no video recording of any kind be taken.

    • 7:00:   Performance begins 

  • Friday  

    • 6:30:  Be in costume and in assigned dressing rooms.

      • Auditorium doors open for audience seating.

    • 7:00:  Performance begins


Have a good week!  You've worked hard, and now it's time to put on a great show!



A Dancer's Reflection

Dress Rehearsal Notes:


The rehearsal will start promptly at 4:30. Please begin arriving around 4:00 to give yourself time to get checked in, get dressed in your first costume, and be seated in the auditorium. Enter the auditorium lobby and find the sign-in area for your group.  All students must sign in so that we know you are here!  Parents of students in the Intermediate Levels, Boy’s Groove, Tap 4, & Tap 5 should accompany their student to the sign in area.  You will sign your student in and provide a phone number to reach you in case of emergency or to call if your child is finished rehearsing and needs picked up.

Parents:  you do not need to stay for dress rehearsal.  We have parent volunteers who will be looking after your child.


Everyone must wear their costumes!  This is a DRESS rehearsal and we are setting the lights which are determined by your costumes.  This means correct color of tights, undergarments, and shoes too!  You do not need to have make-up on but your hair must be pulled up and secured to your head.

Keep everything together in a garment bag, tote, laundry basket, etc.  Mark everything with your name if possible.  

You will put on the costume corresponding to your first dance in the show.  A show order will be posted in the sign-in area.

Where to Go

After you have signed in and are in your first costume, go into the auditorium and sit close to the sign marked with your group number. This will be where you will spend the rehearsal when you are not on stage. You will not be in dressing rooms for rehearsal. If you need to change costumes, you may go to the restroom but come right back to your area.  

What to Do

At 4:30, Becky will have some general instructions for everyone and then the rehearsal will begin.   We will begin by rehearsing our "Finale” that includes All students.  That will be followed by "Opening Number" rehearsal.  After we have finished practicing the opening number and the finale, we will run the dances in show order.   Students in the Intermediate Levels, Tap 4, Tap 5, and Boy’s Groove will have a parent helper assigned to their groups.  This helper will let you know when to go backstage, etc. Please listen to them and follow their instructions.  Sit quietly and watch the other classes perform!!  This is your only chance to watch the show because you will be in dressing rooms on the show nights.


After you have rehearsed your last dance, you are allowed to leave. Students in the Intermediate Levels, Boys Groove, Tap 4, & Tap 5 must be signed out by a parent.  

Parents of these students:  Please do not leave with your child without signing them out with their assigned helper.

Be sure you have collected all of your costumes and other belongings.

Contact Us:

(814) 827-2859


PO Box 103 Titusville, PA 16354