Fundraising Information

Fundraising opportunities are available through DR Dance Boosters.  The goal of the booster club is to help our dance students raise money towards tuition, recital costumes, music lessons, and Performance Group activities.  


  2021- 2022 season is TBA. Nicole McQuiston is our fundraising coordinator. 


Fundraising Facts

-All of the money a dancer earns goes directly into his/her account.  No profits are taken out by the booster club or the dance studio. Some exceptions may apply.


-You are NOT required to participate


-Several fundraisers are scheduled throughout each dance year;  Participate as much or as little as you choose.


-Most fundraisers bring in a profit of at least 40%


-Your total profit for each fundraiser will show as a credit on your account 


-Fundraiser brochures and other information will be available at the dance studio. 


-All checks for fundraising items should be made out to A Dancer's Reflection.

-If you are interested in a fundraiser over the summer, please contact us