What do the class names mean?


Our instructors put a lot of care into determining the best class(es) for each student.  Our decisions are based on ability, previous experience, and age.  Below is a very general guideline to our class naming system.  Students may be placed in a different class than listed below at the instructors' discretion.  We highly recommend speaking to an instructor directly about what class(es) are the best fit for each student.  



Creative Movement:  3 year olds* ballet and dancing games

Combo Kids:  4 year olds* mostly ballet with a little tap

Dance Fusion 1 and Tap 1:  5-6.5 year olds*                                         

Dance Fusion 2-3 and Tap 2-3:  6-8 year olds*

All Dance Fusion classes are mostly Ballet with some beginning jazz mixed in

*Determined based on age as of December 1st



Level 1 Ballet & Jazz/Hip Hop:  at least 8 years old (by Dec. 1st)

Level 2 & 3 Ballet & Jazz/Hip Hop:  teacher recommendation

Tap 4:  at least 8 years old with or without prior experience

Tap 5-6:  teacher recommendation

Theatrical 1:  in Intermediate Level 2 or 3 or in Tap 5, must be taking at least one other class

Boys Groove:  7-12 year olds, mostly Hip Hop with some jazz mixed in



Level 1-3 Ballet:  teacher recommendation 

Tap 7-10:  teacher recommendation

Jazz 1:  must be in Level 1 Ballet

Jazz 2:  teacher recommendation

Modern 1:  12 years old and up or in Advanced Level 1 or 2 ballet

Modern 2:  teacher recommendation

Lyrical/Contemporary 1: must be in Intermediate Level 3

Lyrical/Contemporary 2:  must be in Advanced Level 1 or 2 ballet

Lyrical/Contemporary 3: must be in Advanced Level 2 or 3 ballet

Hip Hop 1:  12 years old and up or in Advanced Level 1 ballet

Hip Hop 2:  teacher recommendation

Theatrical 2:  must be in at least 1 other advanced level class


Please see the class description for details about the types of classes we offer and for info on our adult classes.