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We do choreography for bride and groom dances as well as bridal party dances. Our most requested dance is the "flash mob." Before planning a special dance for your special day- here are a few things to consider:

Time line: You need to contact us AT LEAST ONE MONTH prior to your event. These dances take lots of time and commitment.

Cost: Lessons start at $30 per hour. This includes the instructor and studio fee. The number of lessons is dependent on number and ability of those involved and how long the song is. There may be an extra fee if you need us to edit your music for you.  You must use email to be invoiced and pay using PayPal. 

Contact: Email Ann at to register. We would love to be part of your event. When contacting us, please include the following: a phone number, date of the wedding, number of performers, song choice, and dress length and shoe height the ladies are wearing. 

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