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Dancers of the Month

Each month the dance instructors recognize students in Creative Movement through Dance Fusion 3 who:     

-have a positive attitude 

-give their best effort              

-attend classes regularly                                                                    

-are attentive during class                                   

-dress appropriately with hair pulled back and the correct shoes 

-follow all other studio rules


Students' names will be posted in the studio each month and a prize will be awarded.  At the end of the dance year, all dancers of the month will be entered into a drawing!


McKynlee Wescoat - Dance Fusion 1B
Peyton Plyler - Dance Fusion 2A
Grace Vargason - Dance Fusion 3A
Giollia Albegiani - Creative Movement A
Matilda Tafelski - Combo Kids A
Augustin Popescu - Tap 1A
Elena Wedekind - Dance Fusion 1A
Eris Ehrnhart - Tap 3B
Anberlyn Pedersen - Dance Fusion 2B


Melody Murdoch - Tap 3B
Ava Leskovic - Dance Fusion 1A
Lilliana Albegiani - Dance Fusion 1B
Selah Staudt - Tap 2A
Emma Dougherty - Tap 3A
Anberlyn Pederson - Beginner Acro
Lena McCain - Dance Fusion 2B



Brooke Dutko - Tap 2B
Abrianna Johnson - Dance Fusion 3B
Kara Covell - Creative Movement B
Paxtynn Sonne - Combo Kids B
Aziza Warner - Combo Kids A
Mya Corklin - Dance Fusion 2B
Serafina Gionti - Beginner Acro
Ingrid Croskey - Dance Fusion 1A
Adrianna Edwards - Dance Fusion 1B
Ellie Steinbuhler - Tap 2A
Audrey Wencil - Dance Fusion 3A
Maddie McCleary - Tap 1B
Riley Hicks - Dance Fusion 2A
Emmett Fetsick - Tap 3A
Melody Murdoch - Tap 3B
Bella Gionti - Combo Kids A
Kaitlyn Kennedy - Combo Kids B
Joanna Corklin -  Creative Movement A
Hadley Armstrong - Dance Fusion 2B
Lilliana Albegiani - Beginner Acro


Joey Gionti - Creative Movement A
Ellery Cherry - Creative Movement B
Alison O'Donnell - Combo Kids B
Adrianna Johnson  - Dance Fusion 3B
Mya Corklin - Beginner Acro
Kensley Eccles - Tap 1B
Kelsey Kennedy - Dance Fusion 2A
Savannah Brown - Dance Fusion 3A
Gus Popescu - Dance Fusion 1A
Caelynne See - Tap 3B


Cora Nicols - Dance Fusion 3B
Courtlyn Anderson - Combo Kids
Nolyn Wescoat - Creative Movement A
Ellery Cherry - Creative Movement B
Serafina Gionti - Dance Fusion 1B
Alexandra Boyle - Dance Fusion 2A
Raine Baker - Tap 3A
Lena McCain - Beginner Acro
Adrianna Johnson - Tap 3B



Vayda Bush - Creative Movement A
Elizabeth Atkins - Combo Kids A
Willow Lintz - Combo Kids B
Ohana Hannah - Combo Kids B
Emalia Fetsick - Tap 1B
Dixie Sonne - Dance Fusion 2A
Stella Hollabaugh - Dance Fusion 3A
Isla Prenatt - Dance Fusion 1B
Brinley Spear - Tap 1B
Melody Murdoch - Dance Fusion 3B
Khora Sheely - Dance Fusion 1A

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