Dancers of the Month

Each month the dance instructors recognize students who:     

-Are Creative Movenent through Dance Fusion 3

-have a positive attitude 

-give their best effort              

-attend classes regularly                                                                    

-are attentive during class                                   

-dress appropriately with hair pulled back and the correct shoes 

-follow all other studio rules


Students' names will be posted in the studio each month and a prize will be awarded.  At the end of the dance year, all dancers of the month will be entered into a drawing!!  Prizes are to be determined.


Alyssa Clark Tap 3A

Kaylynn Dean Tap 3B

Giselle Gibbons Tap 2B

Sophia Hanna Dance Fusion 2B

Kaylee Stiglitz Tap 2A

Grace Vargason Creative Movement B

Adrianna Cherry Dance Fusion 2A

Eliza Jones Dance Fusion 1A

Harper McGill Combo Kids B

Ciya Lukasiak Dance Fusion 3B

MaCallen Taylor Combo Kids A

Annaliese Hartshorne Dance Fusion 3A


Tryveaha Wilt Combo Kids A

Alyssa Clark Dance Fusion 3A

Annelise Burrows Tap 3A

Emma Barnhart Dance Fusion 1A

Alexis Jones Tap 1B

Lilly Burns Dance Fusion 3B

Jaycee Tkach Tap 3B

Harper McGill Beginner Acro

Emmett Fetsick Combo KIds B

Kennedy Leach Creative Movement A

Elizabeth Johnson Tap 2A


Annie Burrows Dance Fusion 3A

Moira Favreau Combo Kids A

Anna Cheney Dance Fusion 1B

Tessa Jones- Dance Fusion 3B

Roscoe Droddy Tap 1B

Jayda Wencil Combo Kids B

Tinslea Bailey Tap 3A

Eleanor Steinbuhler Creative Movement A

Finley O'Toole Creative Movement B

Beatrice Popescu Tap 2B

BrookeLander Tap 3B


Sadie Thompson Combo Kids A

Trynety Wilt Dance Fusion 3A

Allison O'Donnell Creative Movement A

Viola Rodgers Creative Movement B

Paige Shambaugh Beginner Acro

Aubrey Happoldt Dance Fusion 1A

Amelia Gaddess Dance Fusion 1B

Lilly Burns Tap 3B



Sidney Edwards Tap 3A

Liam O'Donnell Tap 2A

Bryn Miller Creative Movement A

Melody Murdoch Creative Movement B

Josie Sampson Tap 2B

Alivia Warner Dance Fusion 3B

Phoebe PHam Dance Fusion 1B

Lillian Locke Dance Fusion 1A

Sara Locke Dance Fusion 1A

Garrett O'Connor Tap 3B



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