Dancers of the Month

Each month the dance instructors recognize students who:     

-Are Creative Movement through Dance Fusion 3

-have a positive attitude 

-give their best effort              

-attend classes regularly                                                                    

-are attentive during class                                   

-dress appropriately with hair pulled back and the correct shoes 

-follow all other studio rules


Students' names will be posted in the studio each month and a prize will be awarded.  At the end of the dance year, all dancers of the month will be entered into a drawing!!  Prizes are to be determined.


Jazlynn Baker Dance Fusion 3B
Eliza Jones Beginner Acro
Ariella Shontz Tap 3B
Charis Cherry Dance Fusion 1A
Quinn Lavery Tap 1A
Kaylee Orr Dance Fusion 1B
Lena McCain Combo Kids
Jada Wencil Tap 2B
Stella Drake Creative Movement A
Andie Feiereisen Creative Movement B
Lily Bergman Combo Kids


Elliana Lindsay Beginner Acro
Anna Cheney Dance Fusion 3 B
Harper McGill Tap 1A
Brynlee Mailliard Dance Fusion 1B
Isabell Hoffman Dance Fusion 2A
Sydney Bergman Tap 1B
Finley O'Toole Tap 1B
Chelsey Dutko Tap 2B
Lilith Hllas Creative Movement B
Mckynlee Creative Movement A
Genesis Bryant Combo Kids



Chelsea Dutko Tap 2B

Elliana Lindsay Tap 3A

Eliza Jones Dance Fusion 3A

Maelyn Maillard Creative Movement A

Emalia Fetsick Creative Movement B

Emmet Fetsick Beginner Acro

Takoda Troup Dance Fusion 3B

Phoebe Pham Tap 3B

Ryan Hoffman Tap 2A

Grace Vargason Dance Fusion 1B

Hollyn Schwartz Combo Kids

Thea Divito Combo Kids

Liliana Albegiani Creative Movement A
Serafina Gionti Creative Movement B
Sara Locke Dance Fusion 3A
Lillian Locke Dance Fusion 3A
Jayda Wencil Tap 2B
Makayla Tucker Beginner Acro
Aaliyah Foster Dance Fusion 3B
Savannah Brown Tap 2A

Rosalie Strouse Dance Fusion 1B
Dixie Sonne Combo Kids
Chelsey Dutko Dance Fusion 2B


Lillian Locke Beginner Acro

Sara Locke Beginner Acro

Caelynne See Tap 1A

Deanna Lander Tap 2B

Sadie Thompson Tap 2A

Melody Murdoch Dance Fusion 1B

Ambrielle Mailliard Dance Fusion 2A

Brinley Spear Creative Movement B

MaKayla Tucker Tap 3A

Ava Leskovic Creative Movement A

Brooke Dutko Combo Kids


Hadley Armstron Combo Kids
Ainsley Wagner Creative Movement A
Anberlyn Pedersen Creative Movement B
Ella Bernard Dance Fusion 3B
Adrianna Johnson Dance Fusion 1A
Raine Baker Tap 1A
Maryan See Dance Fusion 2A
Daphne Wise Dance Fusion 1B
Briella Camparino Combo Kids
Jayda Wencil Dance Fusion 2B


Maisie Prenatt Dance Fusion 1A
Cora Nicols Beginner Acro
Kelsey Kennedy Combo Kids
Lily Faller Dance Fusion 2B
Deanna Lander Dance Fusion 2B
Audrey Wencil Tap 1A
Khora Sheely Creative Movement A
Serafina Gionti Creative Movement B
Riley Hicks Combo Kids